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Cakes and Cupcakes

Cake or Cupcake Flavors
Vanilla Cake -  Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Buttercream, Fresh Whipped Cream - Fillings - Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Custard, Lemon Curd, Berry Filling, Strawberry Cream, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Blueberries

Marble Cake - Mix of Chocolate and Vanilla Cake - Chocolate, Vanilla Buttercream

Chocolate Cake - Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint, Mint Chip, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Coconut Cream, Raspberry Buttercream - Fillings - Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Custard, Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Strawberries, Berry Filling, Chocolate Chip Cannoli

Lemon Cake - Lemon, Raspberry Buttercream - Fillings - Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Lemon Curd, Vanilla Custard

Almond (white) Cake - Raspberry, Almond, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Buttercream -  Fillings - Fresh Raspberries, Berry Pie Filling,

Pumpkin Spice Cake - Cream Cheese Frosting, Vanilla Buttercream, Cinnamon Buttercream

Hummingbird Cake (banana, pecan, pineapple) - Cream Cheese Frosting, Vanilla Buttercream, Cinnamon Buttercream - Fillings - Vanilla Custard, Fresh Banana's 

Carrot Cake (carrots, pecans, pineapple) - Cream Cheese Frosting, Cinnamon Buttercream, Vanilla Buttercream - Fillings - Thin Layer Baseless Cheesecake

Cannoli Cake - Chocolate or vanilla cake, cannoli Filling and Cannoli Buttercream

Pina Colada Cake (pineapple, coconut) - Coconut or vanilla Cake with Pineapple Filling, Coconut Cream Frosting and Topped with Maraschino Cherries - Optional Rum Addition (ID Required)

Coconut Cake (all coconut, contains tree nuts) - Coconut Cake with Coconut Buttercream - Fillings - Vanilla Custard, Fresh Raspberries, Fresh Strawberries

Black Forrest Cake - Chocolate Cake - Fresh Whipped Cream - Tart Cherry Filling - Chocolate Shards on the edges - Optional Cherry Liquor

Boston Cream Pie - Vanilla Cake - Vanilla Custard - Chocolate Ganache Topping

Photo Printing available -
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Due to the customization of each cake, please contact
us for pricing by filling out the sheet below.



Cake Sizes include:
8" Layer Cake
10" Layer Cake

12" Layer Cake

14" Layer Cake

Quarter Sheet
Quarter Sheet 2 Layer
Half Sheet
Half Sheet 2 Layer
Full Sheet
2 Layer Full Sheet Cake




Chocolate Smash Box & Hot Cocoa Bombs

Available in a variety of Colors and filling options.

Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Baby Reveal, Anniversaries or just because!

Fill with goodies, chocolates or self fill.




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